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26 July 2006 @ 05:25 am
Mod: Welcome!  
shounen_daily is dedicated to the daily sharing of your favorite shounen and seinen manga.

What is shounen/seinen manga?

"Manga" can be understood as a term for Japanese comics. Originally intended to target the male Japanese audience, shounen manga has grown to have a much wider appeal. Typically shounen series such as Berserk and Slam Dunk have become popular both outside of Japan and among female readers. (Note that "seinen" manga, while intending to target adult men, is still a subset of "shounen." As a result, I'm using the term "shounen" to refer to both.) Suffice it to say that shounen's a many-splendored genre, featuring everything from giant robots to skirt-chasing delinquents to hard-boiled detectives with existential angst. Anyone who enjoys comics in general is likely to have a good time here.

Can I view the contents of this community without joining?

No, because this is a members-only community. There is a sample public post here, if you want to have a look before joining.

How can I join?

If you're over 18, you may join by clicking here. You must be over 18. I'll be regularly glancing at the journals of anyone who joins, and if I find any minors, they'll have to leave. Sorry.

Why is this community adults-only?

'Cause there might be porn here. Either that, or other nasties your Granny wouldn't want you to see, like violently rapacious aliens, twisted psychopaths and cephalopods with questionable sexual habits. By joining this community, you're agreeing that the country you live in deems you old enough to see the most adult of things.

Okay, I'm over 18 and I've joined. What do I do now?

Post, or just hang around and lurk. If you post, it must be according to the guidelines (below). If you comment, please don't flame or otherwise harass any other members. If you do, your comments/posts will be deleted. Insulting other genres (e.g. making homophobic comments about yaoi or yuri) is also not welcome. However, technically informed criticism of a mangaka's art is okay.

I want posting guidelines, damn it!

Yeah, sorry. Just had to clarify the age stuff. When posting manga, please adhere to the following rules:
  • In the subject header of your post, include the title of the manga, the name of the mangaka (artist), and the chapter/issue number you're posting. For example, if you're posting the third chapter of REAL by Inoue Takehiko, your subject line should read something like: "REAL by Inoue Takehiko, Vol. 1, Ch. 3."
  • In the body of the post, include all of the following information before the cut-tag:

      Fandom: [only if you're posting a doujinshi]
      Type: Scanlation or raw
      Pages: [number of images in your post]
      Worksafe: Yes/no

  • Then you should have the lj-cut. All images must be inside this cut.
  • After the cut, you should a) link to the scanlation team (if you aren't posting a raw), b) provide a brief summary of the manga, c) tell us where we might download it and d) post your images. So it should look something like this:

      Scanlation team: Some Team.
      Summary: A brief idea of what the manga is about.
      Downloads: Please name either the scanlation group's IRC channel (if this isn't a raw), or a website where we can download the manga. Do not host the manga without permission (for example, on Savefile or MegaUpload). Please only link to authorized hosts.

  • Tag your entry with both the name of the manga and the full name of the artist. No other tags are permitted. If you don't know what tags are or how to use them, go here. Using tags will allow members to find previous posts featuring the same manga.
  • No more than 15 images per post. Yes, even 16 is too many.
  • No more than one post per member per day. This is to prevent spamming.
  • Feel free to include personal speculations/observations about the manga in your post.
  • To clarify any doubts, have a look at the sample public post.
  • Only posts made by the moderator will be exempt from these rules, so that the mod may make general announcements etc.
You mentioned "warnings" up there. What should I warn people about in my posts?

You must post warnings for implicit or explicit sex, nudity, rape, drug use, extremely bloody violence or gore, furries (animals with human properties or humans with bestial properties) and other "unconventional" sexual proclivities and/or practices, such as sadism, heavy bondage or tentacle-sex. *koff*

What is "worksafe"?

"Worksafe" content won't get the office-bound otaku reprimanded. If a post is not worksafe, then it contains the sorta pornilicious material that'd get you into trouble with your boss. (Or parents, if you're living with them.) So if a post contains stuff like nudity and sex, please mark it as "Worksafe: No," but if it contains only violence, moderately rude language or light kissing, mark it as "Worksafe: Yes."

Can I post a doujinshi based on [some manga/anime/computer game]?"

Yep. So long as you tell us what fandom it's from.

Can I post something that's been posted before?

No, unless the images in the old posts don't work anymore.

How do I find old posts, then?

By browsing the masterlist. It's sorted alphabetically according to the name of each manga, so any particular title shouldn't be too hard to find.

What is a "scanlation" and what is a "raw"?

A scanlation is a manga that has been scanned onto a computer and translated into English from the original Japanese (or possibly re-translated from another scanlation, e.g. from a Chinese version of the manga). This work is usually done by a group of fans who form a "scanlation team," and is done free of charge. Scanlation of a manga is stopped when it is licensed (that is, bought by a company in the US/Canada/etc. and made commercially available in English). A "raw" is a manga in its original Japanese form.

Can I post scanlations in languages other than English?

Sure! Even English-speakers will appreciate the eye-candy. This is why we also welcome raws.

Where can I find shounen scanlation teams?

I've assembled a list of them here. (Members-only.)

Where do I host images before posting them?

A list of free image hosting services can be found here. (Members-only.)

Can I post licensed manga?

Nope, except for their cover pages. So if you'd like to discuss/pimp a licensed manga you really like, follow all of the posting rules above, but also make sure that you post only 1 image: the cover page. Finally, instead of the scanlation team, you must link to the company that licensed the manga.

Can I make an introductory post or a post that pimps another community?

No, you may not use a post solely to introduce yourself or pimp a community, but you may briefly introduce yourself (and communities related to manga/anime) in a normal manga post. That is to say, all posts must feature images from a shounen manga and must follow the posting guidelines above.

I enjoy shounen, but I also love shoujo/yaoi/yuri. Where do I go?

shoujo_daily, yaoi_daily and daily_yuri. If you're looking for a community egalitarian enough to welcome all kinds of manga, then crimsonevening is a great choice, as is free_manga.

Can I pimp Shounen Daily on my journal/site?

You sure can! We have two banners you can hotlink to, because our image host has practically unlimited bandwidth:

Who made your awesome layout?

txilar, our patron God of Code, was kind enough to donate this community's icon and layout. Credit also goes to absonant for guidance.

I wanna ask you a question that hasn't already been answered here. How do I contact you?

Email me at the_dystopian at earthling.net. Yeah, I surprised everyone (including myself) by turning out to be an earthling. Please don't spam me, even if I don't have extra-terrestrial zapping powers.

Comments or suggested changes to the rules are to be posted here.
distelvogeltsurune on August 1st, 2006 06:36 pm (UTC)
omy! this community is one of the best things that happened to me for some time

i hope it will grow and prosper with lots of outstanding shounen and yay! seinen

gasp! i might even contribute. oneshots are acceptable i assume //is a careful rules follower
the_dystopian on August 2nd, 2006 12:50 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for joining! And yes, we more than welcome one-shots!

I hope it will prosper, too. :) With more members willing to contribute (like yourself) I have no doubt that it will!
distelvogeltsurune on August 2nd, 2006 06:38 pm (UTC)
i thank pure chance (it being my subscription to your lj) for letting me find this comminity *_* i hope others are as lucky as i

going back to rules and suggestions.. it may sound as a stupid idea, but i think it would be helpful to add the best fitting dimentions (mostly probably width though) for the posted pictures. I realize that they are behind the cut, but sometimes.. sometimes they are so huge that it makes me cry to use horizontal scrollbar
the_dystopian on August 3rd, 2006 01:19 pm (UTC)
It's not a silly idea at all! Actually, I was thinking about it too, but then I realized that different people have different screen resolutions, and there'd be no way to adjust the images in a way that'd be fair to everyone. For example, my screen is 1024x768, so if I adjusted an image for my screen, someone with 800x600 would still have problems. And those with higher resolutions might find the pics too small. So I just decided to leave things as they are... Most of the images aren't huge, anyway. It's usually only the cover pages, and they occur only once per manga. :)